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In 2020, we saw brands exceed and brands fold.

Building a brand to survive in the future, amongst all of tomorrow's uncertainties, is a difficult task. What are the formulas or recipes for a successful brand?

Branding for Purpose

There are two types of branding: building a brand that follows demand, or building a brand that leads with purpose.

You may have heard terms like value-based, purpose-driven, or blue ocean strategies. They’re all essentially saying the same thing.

You’re either building a brand that follows what people want, or a brand with a purpose to exist — because it gives it therefore gets.

Can only creative people come up with creative ideas? And what makes an idea truly creative?

I’ve been thinking of this question ever since I was in school and one of my marketing professors mentioned: ‘there are no new ideas’.

Is this true?

If we ask the dictionary, a creative idea is the use of imagination, an original idea to create, inventiveness, showing original thought.

Originality can’t be the only requirement for creative ideas…

Think about today how there are so many ideas constantly on the internet, how much of what we see every day is actually original?

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If we…

Learn how to make a ‘brand house’ instead of old school customer journey models.

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“Everyone is on TikTok, why aren’t we on TikTok!?”

“Everyone is talking about Clubhouse, let’s do something on Clubhouse asap!”

When you’re a brand, it’s so easy to follow what everyone else is doing and feel like you need to be there too. But there’s nothing worse than a brand trying to fit in somewhere they don’t belong.

When a brand succeeds in generating successful awareness from a social post, or campaign, it’s usually because of how all the pieces came together. …

I was so inspired by Ethan Hawke’s TED talk about how to give yourself permission to be creative, that I copied the transcribe so others can feel inspired too.

Personal viewpoint: I love this talk so much because I also believe that anyone can be creative, you just have to give yourself permission to. Ethan says it’s vital, and it really is, it helps us move forward, connect, and heal. Creativity is more than just being creative, it’s about being unapologetically yourself. It’s a way of survival.

I was hoping today to talk a little bit about creativity. You know…

And finally, how do you apply this to everyday life?

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“No matter whether you believe in luck or chance, the final decision is from yourself.”
Stephen Richards

If you’re still unsure if self-help books can help, then maybe it’s not the right time to read one. If you’ve tried to read self-help books and it didn’t really work, it could have been the wrong one for you, or perhaps you weren’t prepared. They only really work if you are ready for it.

Self-help or self-improvement means that you are learning exercises and perspectives that can help make you feel better, and precisely heal. Which means it involves work. …

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How great does it feel to give or receive a gift? But yet people are told to wait for February 14th to showcase love, dedicate one day a year to celebrate someone, and wait until the end of the year to give thoughtful gifts to strangers.

I’ve been working in marketing/advertising for 7+ years now and had my fair share with holiday campaigns. Every chocolate brand wants to own Easter, every lingerie brand wants to dominate Valentine’s, and every jewelry brand claims they have ‘everything to make her love you’ around Christmas.

There are two big problems with holidays today…

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Being a data point is like being a criminal in prison. You are the one making all the actions, but don’t have any control over the circumstances. Perhaps you weren’t familiar with the laws and therefore broke them, and now someone else, someone much bigger and with more power and authority over you, is in control of what happens to you.

As data points, the information that we are responsible for producing and sharing is constantly being watched and tracked by technology, and then later used to attack us. Unfortunately, due to data being extremely valuable, there are crooks out…

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The more people I meet, the more I hear the same challenges and insecurities — the fear of the unknown, the “what’s my next step?”, “I don’t know what to do”, “I’m lost”, these are constant conversations we have with ourselves.

We live in a world where not only are there constantly things happening around us, but we’re constantly reminded of them. We see someone living their “best life”, travelling the world, constantly out and having fun, and then we look at ourselves and think, “well, where does that leave me?”

First of all, the comparison is our worst nightmare…

Sara Budhwani

I’m a freelance brand & creative strategist based in Amsterdam. I enjoy writing to spark new perspectives and share insights. Let’s chat

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